Produce your unique product

Whether it’s a single prototype or 10,000 parts

Fabricate precise AM tooling

Our additively manufactured molds are accurate, save time and cut cost

Path to production

Engineering, prototyping, low and high volume production powered by Prototyping Tech


Consultation, R&D, product design, production automation and CAD. We will help you design and engineer your product for prototyping and production.


3D prints, cast urethanes and silicones, CNC machined and  injection molded parts. We can fabricate the parts you need with volumes ranging from 1 to 10,000 parts.

Prototyping Tech

For 28 years Nuhill Technologies provided engineering and prototyping solutions.  Our production methods, partnerships and emphasis on innovation have grown to include design, engineering and prototyping through low and high volume production.  Today we offer additive manufacturing/3D printing, polyurethane & silicone casting, injection molding, CNC machining and custom solutions.  Through this growth, Prototyping Tech was born and will build on the strong reputation and reliability of Nuhill Technologies.

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