Medical: Anatomical Models, Surgical Components & Wearable Devices

Aerospace: Low Volume, Fire-Rated & FAA Compliant


Consultation, R&D, product design and DFM. We will help you design and engineer your product for your market.


3D prints, cast urethanes and silicones, CNC machined and  injection molded parts. We can fabricate down to a single part.


Specializing in Medical Device and Aerospace applications our in-house production systems and global network are built to deliver your high spec parts consistently for the long run.


We produce silicone anatomical models for one of the world’s largest medical device companies as well as funded start ups, thousands of our additively manufactured and cast urethane components are sterilized and used in operating rooms today, we’ve designed and prototyped wearable systems for printed production with designs ready to scale into injection molded volumes.


We service non-military aerospace applications with fire-rated, machined and molded polymers. Case: Gulfstream Jets are flying around the world with cast urethanes, silicone gaskets, and machined Delrin and PET-G that we’ve produced.